EF Brides

Olivia in the Roxy Suit

Olivia and Matt got married on July 29, 2017 in Hayfield Catskills.
"Working with Elizabeth on my suit was my favorite part of the planning process. We had so much fun. I was so excited about the prospect of changing into a comfortable silk suit for the dancing portion of our wedding—it was my Bianca Jagger moment—that my fittings with Elizabeth were always welcome reprieve from the stress of everything else!"

Photography: John Dolan

Madeline IN Adelaide

Maddie and Chris got married at the Weylin, an event space in the building that was once the Williamsburg Savings Bank, in October 2017. Maddie met Elizabeth at a trunk show and they created the one-of-a-kind "Adelaide" dress on the spot, turning the floor-length gown into an asymmetrical masterpiece. Later, they designed the lace capelet that Maddie wore during the ceremony. Almost a year later, people are still asking about "the dress."

Photography: Jennifer McFarlane / Stylish Hip Weddings


Lara in LOLA

On October 29th married Micah at Windows on the Water in Seabright, New Jersey. There was a crazy, romantic storm that day.

Photography: Ciara Perrone


Kathryn and Isaac were married December 22nd at St. Thomas More Church in New York.

"Working with Elizabeth was a dream from start to finish!  The story of finding the dress was quite funny -- my sister-in-law spotted it in a Soho shop, and, even though I wasn't sure it was "me," I agreed to try it. I immediately fell in love but tried on a few more before returning to it and putting it back on. Someone from across the shop started walking over and asking me about the dress -- and eventually introduced herself as Elizabeth Fillmore! We got to talking and it quickly came out that I was getting married at the same venue where she had been married, and I realized we had the same vision for a wedding: something classic in taste but high in style. 

Over the next few months, Elizabeth gave me such personalized attention. She was at every fitting (and I think I ended up having 5 or 6!), and she drove every tweak and alteration. She also had a some great ideas like sewing silk chiffon around the border of the illusion neck to give the dress a subtle border, which I loved. I couldn't recommend her any more wholeheartedly!"

Photography: Genevieve Huba


Hayden and Jack were married on December 2nd, 2017 at The Tryall Club in Sandy Bay, Jamaica. The bride's dress  was inspired by the natural beauty of the island.

Elizabeth and I met on what can only be described as a ‘design blind date’. We were set up by a mutual acquaintance. I had seen her work before and Elizabeth’s talent speaks for itself, all of her designs are exquisite. That said, what I wanted wasn’t exactly a traditional dress. Never the less, I went to the Elizabeth Fillmore studio to meet Elizabeth and to discuss the possibilities… and as it turns out, they were endless!

I have never had a more fun or fulfilling creative experience than I did while working with Elizabeth. EF’s open-mindedness and willingness to think outside of the ‘bridal box’ with enthusiasm was so much more than I had hoped for.  Whether it was sourcing the right shade of pink for the orchids that cascaded down the train, or tracking down the perfect silk for the cuffs on my ‘smoking jacket-peignoir’ Elizabeth and her staff made my dream dress a reality.

Photography: Patricia Lyons Photography